Clevedon School 2016-17

October 2016

A new season starts at the School … (entries shown chronologically)

The Woodcutters return to tidy the outdoor learning area behind the 6th Form Unit

December 2016

Sycamore saplings in the outdoor learning area are felled to enlarge the glade and provide useful construction material for students. The stouter hazel trunks are coppiced.

February 2017

A further section of hazel coppice is restored by clearing bramble, and redundant tree guards are removed. The 6th Form plot is tidied prior to spring work by students.

August 2017

Ragwort and other rank weeds are hand pulled from this overgrown corner before the area is brush-cut and raked. Regular mowing by the school contractor is called for here.

Vegetation is trimmed back from the woodland trail and sycamore shoots from stumps are cut to improve the view, while nettles are cleared from the seating area.

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