Dial Hill

Dial Hill, situated to the north of Clevedon at the highest point in the town, is owned and managed by North Somerset Council (NSC). It is a Conservation Site covering 4.69 hectares.

Up till the cessation of grazing in the 1950s, Dial Hill consisted mainly of grassland rich in wildflowers and associated wildlife. Since that time the amount of scrub and trees has dramatically increased and large areas of grassland and wildflowers have been lost, along with views over Clevedon and the Bristol Channel to Wales.

Management of the site aims “To maintain a high quality green space providing a diversity of habitats for wildlife and to restore the calcareous grassland and maintain the hill as an area that the community can enjoy for walking and informal recreation” (NSC 2011). This includes tree thinning to re-open lost views.

Since autumn 2015 the Woodcutters have had an active role in the management of the site, in collaboration with North Somerset Council and in accordance with an NSC Management Plan. The amount and quality of the grassland has significantly increased.

To follow our progress go to our Work Diary

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