Clevedon School 2015-16

Autumn 2015 saw the Woodcutters back at Clevedon School for more work in the woods.

October and November 2015

brambles re- cut

Brambles at the edge of the woodland have regrown since being cut back last winter and are scythed and raked off. The roots will need to be grubbed out and the area weeded until the grass establishes itself and can be regularly mown.

cutting out sycamore saplings

Tree thinning continues this year with the cutting out of some self-seeded sycamore saplings and non-native holm oak. This will allow in more light for the benefit of the ground flora and other wildlife  and also improve community access into the woodland.

January 2016

Using material found on site, the Woodcutters create an interesting and informal trail through the wood for visiting student groups. Surfaced with recycled chippings, the path leads to a view point over the school and valley.

June 2016

The new woodland trail is cleared of encroaching vegetation. Restoration of a grassy area near the 6th Form Unit continues by scything, raking off and grubbing out bramble roots.

Earlier work in the woodland at Clevedon Community School can be found at Clevedon School 2013-14  and Clevedon School 2014-15

For our most recent work go to Clevedon School

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