Clevedon School 2018-19


A new season starts in Clevedon School’s woodland … (entries shown chronologically)

August 2018

Vegetation is trimmed back to improve access along woodland trails, overhanging tree branches and bramble roots are removed and grass behind the 6th Form Unit is mown.

February 2019

A woodland trail is restored by clearing brambles while dangerous trees near the students’ seating and recreation area are felled and cut up.

March 2019

A new trail is opened up from the seating area while the existing trail is further extended to include a loop by clearing back scrub, overhanging branches and fallen tree trunks.

Earlier work in the woodland at Clevedon Community School can be found at Clevedon School 2013-14, Clevedon School 2014-15, Clevedon School 2015-16, Clevedon School 2016-17 and Clevedon School 2017-18