Welcome to the Clevedon Conservation Volunteers’ website and blog.

This website is dedicated primarily to the work of two wildlife conservation groups in Clevedon, North Somerset, both of which run a regular programme of practical volunteer work throughout the year. Our volunteers are of all ages and abilities, some coming along for the fresh air and exercise, some to gain useful work experience, others to work alongside nature and give back something to the place they love.

home page photo 2The Friends of Poets’ Walk – In cooperation with North Somerset Council, this volunteer group plays an important role in the practical management of Clevedon’s Local Nature Reserve, helping to maintain the delicate balance between visitors to the area and native wildlife.

home page photo 3The Clevedon Woodcutters for Wildlife – This independent group has been active and successful for 25 years and offers its volunteers practical work in woodland and orchard. The Woodcutters are always happy to assist other groups around Clevedon.

There are many other conservation and environment groups in and around Clevedon and under Other Groups you will find links to some of these with brief descriptions of their activities as well as contact information.

6 Responses to Home

  1. philip daniels says:

    I think you are doing a great job on dial hill I have seen the views taken away on dial hill over the years a request is the big bush in the photo in front of the bench should be taken out it is right in the way of a lovely view regards phil

    • poetswalk says:

      Thanks Phil for your kind comments. The bush in front of the bench is an Oak so we wouldn’t like to remove it altogether. But we have now removed the lower branches and you’ll see that the view is greatly improved. Angela

  2. Jo says:

    I wanted to thank you for establishing Quinneys wood. It is near my home and has been an invaluable place to restore and refresh during the lockdown. I love the natural habitat, watching the light through the canopy and noting the new trees thriving. Thank you for your care of this wood.

    • poetswalk says:

      Thank you Jo for your kind words. We are so pleased that you find Quinney’s Wood such a pleasant place to be. We want it to be a restful, community green space and we hope we shall be able to care for it for many years to come. Angela and Simon

  3. Matthew says:

    I would like to volunteer and work full time, do you meet evenings or weekends?

  4. poetswalk says:

    Hi Matthew. Unfortunately we only meet during the week. We would love to see you and have your help if you have a day off! Angela

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