Diary 2021

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December 2021

Clevedon Business Improvement District (BID) have paid for two new native trees on Dial Hill and the Woodcutters for two more, all planted by the Woodcutters on 22 December.

The woodland steps in Salthouse Woods are repaired and the nearby path and zigzag steps tidied. The last steep slope on Church Hill, Poets’ Walk, is mowed.

Dial Hill – late autumn mowing and raking of restored grassland, including around trees. Still waiting for the main grassland area to be mown by contractor.

November 2021

Dial Hill – cutting up and clearing away brash left by the contractor, to create habitat piles

Poets’ Walk – cutting back overgrown blackthorn along the middle formal path. Another steep section on Church Hill is mown and ready for raking off to promote good grassland.

Dial Hill – the felling of two trees by contractor to restore a view over Clevedon Bay and beyond gets under way. Meanwhile, volunteers prepare planting holes for four new trees.

Helping out in St Andew’s churchyard by reducing a large conifer stump and cutting back scrub along the fence. Autumn mowing of a steep slope on Church Hill starts.

October 2021

Dial Hill – late summer mowing of grassland areas inaccessible by tractor. Cutting woodland scrub in preparation for the felling of 2 trees to create a view over Clevedon Bay.Thinning out self-set saplings including diseased ash prior to further scrub control.

September 2021

Quinney’s Wood – late summer mowing and improving roadside visibility at the stile. Late summer mowing starts on Dial Hill.

August 2021

The paths on Dial Hill (normally cut by a NSC contractor) are mown this year by the Woodcutters. Second flushes of ragwort & everlasting pea are pulled and non-native yellow rod grubbed out. The top of the proposed viewing corridor is mown again.

Finishing mowing & raking the orchard floor; clearing scrub to increase useable space

July 2021

Summer mowing & raking in the Millennium Orchard to enhance the grassland

Dial Hill – controlling invasive, non-native everlasting pea as well as toxic ragwort

June 2021

Dial Hill – raking up mown vegetation in the viewing corridor. Mowing and raking up under the two large walnut trees to create a shady playing and picnic area.

Dial Hill – the NS Council team has not yet mown any paths this year so the Woodcutters have cleared the overgrown woodland steps by brush-cutter. Mowing to maintain the viewing corridor to Clevedon Bay starts, and invasive everlasting peas are pulled again.

Clearing the public footpath near Quinney’s Wood of accumulated soil, weeds & ivy roots

May 2021

Gravel is added to Quinney’s Wood steps & wire netting to the bridge to prevent slipping. On Dial Hill the deep hollows in front of the seats, worn by years of footfall, are filled in.

Renovating the woodland steps in Salthouse Wood; revetment is extended to form the bottom step. Clearing back new vegetation to improve access to the lookout & coast path.

Dial Hill – woodland steps are restored to their full width. New sycamore shoots from tree stumps are cut back and invasive, non-native everlasting pea in grassland is pulled.

April 2021

Constructing a bridge & steps and laying revetment boards at Quinney’s Wood. This new access point now connects with the Two Rivers Walk, created by the Land Yeo Friends.

Coppicing a lime to reduce competition for sunlight with a young wild pear (left). Preparations to provide alternative access to Quinney’s Wood from a Public Right of Way.

Church Hill, Poets’ Walk – thinning out self-seeded sycamore saplings to enhance a glade, and a view from the hilltop. A rope is attached to a tree to ensure it falls correctly.

March 2021

On 31st March, the Woodcutters were finally able to meet again for a working party after Covic 19 restrictions were relaxed a bit as the first step out of the latest Lockdown.

Hazel coppicing at Quinney’s Wood to let in more sunlight and to promote a succession of vegetation and diversity of habitat. We took the opportunity to hold our AGM al fresco at the same time.