Monthly Diary

September 2019 marked the start of our ninth year of volunteer work on Poets’ Walk. Following is a photographic record of our activities in reverse chronological  order …

See also our second year (September 2012 – August 2013),  third year (September 2013 – August 2014), fourth year (September 2014 – August 2015), fifth year (September 2015 – August 2016), sixth year (September 2016 – 2017), seventh year (September 2017 – 2018) and our eighth year (September 2018- 2019)

October 2019

Grass on Wain’s Hill ramparts, recently mown and partly raked down by Green Mantle, is taken further into the woodland to create habitat piles. More nettles are hand pulled.

Overgrown nettles bordering the central formal path are strimmed and await raking up.

The coastal path near the lookout tidied and swept and an old seat cleared of weeds

Wain’s Hill rampart grassland, much improved by twice-yearly scything, has been mown this autumn by the council contractor Green Mantle. Steep grassland on Church Hill is mown, and arisings then raked off, by our volunteers.  Marginal brambles are cut back.

Removing a fallen tree from the trail, clearing nettles and tidying in Church Hill quarry

September 2019

The coastal path on Church Hill near the lookout is tidied and swept.

Church Hill – raking off the cut grass after Monday’s mowing, and cutting back brambles

Church Hill plateau has been tractor mown but steep slopes must be brush-cut or scythed.