Diary 2019

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December 2019

Following days of heavy rain, Gordon still manages to get a fire going at Quinney’s Wood.

Ideal weather for burning brash from accumulated hedge cuttings in Quinney’s Wood

November 2019

Quinney’s Wood – cutting back the top hedge to fence post height

Quinney’s Wood – cutting the top hedge and burning the brash on a lovely autumn day

Dial Hill – restoring a neglected area of grassland by cutting back brambles and mowing

October 2019

Autumn mowing in Quinney’s Wood to control tree suckers and over-competitive species

Dial Hill – reclaimed grassland areas that are inaccessible by tractor are brush-cut and raked off. Ash tree shoots in grassland and basal shoots on the large oak tree are trimmed.

Dial Hill – late summer mowing of grassland recently reclaimed from scrub. Arisings are raked off to reduce fertility and improve grassland quality. Creeping thistles are pulled.

September 2019

The Millenium Community Orchard – mowing the orchard floor and raking up in readiness for a good apple harvest, and trimming back brambles around the perimeter.

Quinney’s Wood – trimming back vegetation around the stiles, and grass cutting to control tree suckers and rank grass. Arisings are raked off and left in heaps as habitat piles.

August 2019

Tidying a veteran Woodcutter’s garden in return for a donation to the funds – a most enjoyable morning out with lots of hard work and a half hour tea break.

Clevedon School – restoring access through the woodland by cutting back brambles and re-opening a section of the woodland trail after a large, fallen ash blocks the path

July 2019

Restoring good access to Marine Lake and along the woodland path to the Lookout.

Everlasting pea on Dial Hill may look pretty but is a very invasive alien in the grassland and must be controlled. Nettles are cut again under the walnut trees and ragwort pulled.

The view from Poets’ Walk over Marine Lake and beyond is much improved by cutting back overgrown vegetation – not an easy task when reaching through or over the fence. The other side of the path and the seats are also cleared of encroaching vegetation.

The Salthouse woodland steps & adjacent path are cleared of nettles & other vegetation.

We’ve decided to summer-cut and rake off the entire orchard floor this year in order to control rank vegetation. A second cut will be done in October prior to the apple harvest.

June 2019

Paths and rank vegetation in the Millennium Community Orchard are mown.

Dial Hill – mowing and controlling of everlasting pea and lilac suckers in grassland

May 2019

The paths in Quinney’s Wood are first mown in early summer to enable easy access.

Dial Hill – bramble roots are grubbed out from a patch scrub-cleared last January while two areas around walnut trees are brush-cut to improve access and amenity value.

More clearing along the main path through Strawberry Hill Woods (the Fir Woods)

April 2019

Strawberry Hill – sycamore shoots arising from self-set saplings felled 2 years ago are cut.

Strawberry Hill Woods (formerly the Fir Woods) – clearing back encroaching brambles, cutting sycamore and holm oak regrowth and pulling sycamore seedlings beside the path

The Community Orchard – a few apple trees still need substancial reduction in height while others are managed with minimal pruning. Prunings are collected into heaps and later burnt. Tall elm suckers at the orchard edge are thinned out to reduce shading.

March 2019

Clevedon School – extending the informal trail by selectively cutting back bramble and holm oak and clearing fallen logs, to facilitate exploration by forest school students

The last chance to cut the hedge at Quinney’s Wood before spring. A number of spindle and wayfaring trees are left uncut to grow higher and produce flowers and fruit.

February 2019

Cutting the top hedge in Quinney’s Wood and burning the arisings

A bit more sycamore is cut on Dial Hill to open up a path and the view from the top.

Clevedon School – dangerous trees near the recreation area are felled; a woodland trail is extended by cutting out bramble and young holm oak;  2 bags of litter are collected.

January 2019

Hedge cutting in Quinney’s wood and burning brash on a frosty morning

 Cutting the hedge in Quinney’s Wood

A few self-set sycamores bordering this path on Dial Hill are taken out to enhance the woodland and to improve access as well as the view NW over the channel from the hill top.

A view over Clevedon Bay is improved by cutting out self-set sycamore on Dial Hill.

Dial Hill – cutting back encroaching bramble to increase the area of restored grassland