Diary 2018


To see last year’s work go to Diary 2017

December 2018

A  pre-Christmas bonfire at Quinney’s Wood. Mince pies and cake at break time!

Quinney’s Wood – re-erecting a 50m stretch of roadside fence damaged several years ago by traffic, using existing stock fencing and barbed wire but new fence poles

November 2018

Quinney’s Wood – bramble has encroached into the top hedge and is cut back at ground level. Branches blocking light from younger trees are removed, and brash is burnt.

October 2018

Dial Hill – clearing back some more bramble to restore lost grassland on the top of the hill

Dial Hill – tidying and opening up the area nearest the cricket pitch. The remains of a stone boundary wall here are obscured and protected by ivy and other vegetation.

The grass is mowed & raked off prior to the apple harvest at the Millennium Community Orchard. A generally poor harvest this year due to weather conditions – but a good crop of the late ripening variety Black Dabinett!

Dial Hill – mowing & raking to improve grassland areas inaccessible to the tractor mower

Mowing and raking the steep and stony slope above Dial Hill cricket ground

September 2018

Quinney’s Wood – raking up. Invasive brambles in the hedge are cut out at ground level.

Late summer grass cutting starts in Quinney’s Wood. Two wasp nests disturbed!

A second session of garden work brings welcome funds to the Woodcutters’ account

August 2018

Tidying a Woodcutter’s garden in return for a most generous donation to our funds.

Clevedon School – tidying the woodland edge & trail, and grubbing out bramble roots

Dial Hill – moving hay (newly tractor mown) into woodland; pulling regrowth of non-native everlasting pea and grubbing out brambles in reclaimed grassland

July 2018

Grassland management on Dial Hill during a heatwave – controlling toxic ragwort and two non-native & invasive  species (garden escapes) – everlasting pea and purple toadflax

June 2018

Quinney’s Wood arboretum starts to take shape with tree labels in place

Quinney’s Wood – fixing tree name labels to posts and cutting hogweed & cow parsley

Closely mown paths in Quinney’s Wood add contrast to lush vegetation & provide access

The Community Orchard – cutting areas of  rank grass & other vegetation and raking off the arisings to improve the orchard floor. The grass paths are mown to enhance access.

Dial Hill – rank vegetation is brush cut and raked off to promote species rich grassland while thistles are forked out and non-native honesty and purple toadflax is pulled out.

May 2018

Dial Hill – a patch of grassland is mown to control the spread of non-native everlasting pea while thistles are forked out to reduce competition with other native species.

Dial Hill – grubbing out of invasive everlasting pea on a recently scrub-cleared patch, follow-up control of sumac & ragwort, and thinning out of thistles & purple toadflax

April 2018

Norton’s Wood bridleway – cutting encroaching brambles and overhanging branches

After weeks of wet Wednesdays the Orchard is finally dry enough to prune more overgrown apple trees to reduce their height and encourage more compact growth. Elm saplings near the ditch are thinned out and all brash burnt.

Dial Hill – forking out spear thistle in grassland and thinning a grove of ash saplings

March 2018

Clevedon School – extending informal woodland trails to increase accessibility

The Millennium Community Orchard – pruning to reduce height & spread serves to lighten the load on the crown of apple trees that are leaning due to wind and wet ground.

Late winter work at Clevedon School – extending the area of accesible woodland and creating new habitat by cutting back brambles and thinning sycamore saplings

February 2018

More hedge trimming at Quinney’s Wood and grubbing out of brambles beneath

Remedial pruning in the Millennium Community Orchard

Quinney’s Wood – trimming the top hedge and burning brash

January 2018

Felling a field maple in Quinney’s Wood to reduce competition for light and water

Coppicing hazel in Quinney’s Wood while brash is burnt on a welcome bonfire