Diary 2014

Following is a brief record of what the group did in 2014


Total volunteer hours worked in December – 79

Woodcutters at Marine Lake 2Cutting scrub at the overgrown western end of Marine Lake and stacking it ready for the chipper. This Woodcutters’ contribution is part of a major lake refurbishment project.

burning brash after coppicingQuinney’s Wood – cutting up and burning brash after crown lifting and coppicing hazel


coppicing hazelCoppicing hazel in Quinney’s Wood. During the same session young oak trees were crown raised by removing lower branches and hedge trees were selectively trimmed.

Poets’ Walk – Coppicing sycamore with a cross cut saw. A thicket habitat for wildlife as well as views to St Andrew’s Church, Wain’s Hill and the Welsh coast are being restored. The two largest sycamores are retained to be coppiced next year.

Poets’ Walk – coppicing sycamore on Church Hill to create a thicket habitat for wildlife. A strip of young bramble shoots was first brushcut to restore grassland bordering the site.


Clevedon School – clearing brambles from the woodland floor to enhance the glade and also from along the disused and collapsing chainlink fence

Starting the new season at Clevedon School  –  cutting out Holm oak and sycamore

Planting an Elm sapling  (raised from a mother tree apparently resistant to Dutch Elm disease) on Poets’ Walk as part of the Great British Elm Experiment. Read more in the Clevedon Civic Society’s autumn 2014 edition of the Clevedonian.


Collecting logs (by invitation of Clevedon Court Estate) after tree felling to clear power lines in Norton’s Wood by Hi-Line Contractors for Western Power

The more open areas of Quinney’s Wood are mown to promote wild flower-rich grassland

Veteran Woodcutter Cliff Beames planting “Beames’ Elm” in Quinney’s Wood. This elm was specially raised from a mother tree apparently resistant to Dutch Elm Disease. Read more in the Clevedon Civic Society’s autumn 2014 edition of the Clevedonian.


Grass, tree suckers and other rank vegetation cut and raked off at Quinney’s Wood

orchard 14 Aug 2014Most of the Community Orchard floor has now been brush-cut, and brambles and other scrub around the edge have been cut back.

Salthouse Wood steps Salthouse Wood – woodland steps and the immediate area weeded, and 4 steps replaced Wild damson suckers and sycamore shoots from stumps cut out.


The paths in Quinney’s Wood are mown and branches trimmed back to give better access.

orchard 16 July 14A badly overgrown section of the Millennium Community Orchard brush-cut and scythed for Transition Clevedon. Paths are now clear. Tree stakes on young trees have been reset.

upper Marine Lake path 7 July 2014The upper path to the Marine Lake thoroughly cleared of vegetation, soil and debris

upper Marine Lake pathAssisting the MARLENS by clearing the upper path to the Marine Lake


new mown pathsThe main paths in Quinney’s Wood are kept mown with mechanical trimmers.

clearing beside Quinney'sQuinney’s Wood – keeping the roadside clear of vegetation to improve visibility

The Woodcutters are pleased to be able to help the Marine Lake Enthusiasts Society (MARLENS) by clearing an area beside the Salthouse Pub for a new tool shed.


brush cutting to gateQuinney’s Wood – brush cutting to open up the footpath from the gate in Davis Lane

main paths mown early MayThe main paths at Quinney’s Wood are mechanically mown, and arisings raked off.


30 Apr orchard bonfireBurning prunings and scything the picnic area at the Community Orchard in preparation for Transition Clevedon’s annual Blossom Viewing in May

planting downy birchPlanting a Downy Birch tree (one of three) in Quinney’s Wood

cutting blackthorn suckersCutting out blackthorn suckers in Quinney’s Wood

bridle path in AprilNorton’s Wood bridle path is cleared annually of overhanging branches and other obstacles. Sycamore and Holm oak bordering the path are removed.


hedge layingHedge laying along the road at Norton’s Wood to block unauthorised access to vehicles

step replacedSalthouse Woods – three steps refurbished, a woodland path improved, and Holm oak, sycamore and wild damson saplings removed

cross cutting ashNorton’s Wood – cross cutting a fallen ash for logs

hedge laidAn unauthorised access to Norton’s Wood blocked and adjacent hazel hedge laid


February bonfire aQuinney’s Wood – fresh oak prunings burning well

February bonfireQuinney’s Wood – cutting up brash from crown raised oak; coaxing the bonfire into life

Coppicing in the sushineClevedon Community School in the sunshine – cutting out sycamore and holm oak

Clevedon Community School in the rain – clearing brambles in a neglected coppiced area


coppicing 15 Jan Norton’s Wood – coppicing hazel.

Quinney’s Wood – Crown lifting on young oak

Quinney’s Wood – burning old and fresh brash

And a few photos from 2013 …

A welcome break - April 2013A welcome break in Quinney’s Wood – April 2013

January bonfire 2013

January bonfire in Quinney’s Wood – 2013


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