Monthly Diary 2020

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February 2020

Clevedon School – a large ash that has fallen across the trail is sawn up; sycamore saplings are cut out, creating a glade with more light and space for planting more native trees.

Poets’ Walk coastal path – cutting out invasive, non-native Holm oak with a pole saw and bow saws to remove competition with native limestone species for light and nutrients

Salthouse Woods – cutting out suckers of naturalised, invasive cherry plum (Prunus cerasifera); reinstating missing woodland steps with new risers & tidying the whole flight

January 2020

Pruning at the Millennium Community Orchard to reduce tree height and overcrowding of branches, and to improve tree shape. A fallen elder is cleared from the entrance.

A number of spindle and wayfaring trees are left uncut in the newly trimmed hedge. A few of the crack willows are coppiced to rejuvenate them and to combat willow scab.

Hazel coppicing in Quinney’s Wood. Hazels can be cut back on a 7-year rotation to provide a succession of habitat and to allow more sunlight to reach other trees and ground flora.

The New Year sees us return to Quinney’s Wood to continue cutting the top hedge.