Monthly Diary


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April 2018

Dial Hill – forking out spear thistle in grassland and thinning a grove of ash saplings

March 2018

Clevedon School – extending informal woodland trails to increase accessibility

The Millennium Community Orchard – pruning to reduce height & spread serves to lighten the load on the crown of apple trees that are leaning due to wind and wet ground.

Late winter work at Clevedon School – extending the area of accesible woodland and creating new habitat by cutting back brambles and thinning sycamore saplings

February 2018

More hedge trimming at Quinney’s Wood and grubbing out of brambles beneath

Remedial pruning in the Millennium Community Orchard

Quinney’s Wood – trimming the top hedge and burning brash


Felling a field maple in Quinney’s Wood to reduce competition for light and water

Coppicing hazel in Quinney’s Wood while brash is burnt on a welcome bonfire