Our Eighth Year

September 2018 marked the start of our eighth year of volunteer work on Poets’ Walk. Following is a photographic record of our activities in reverse chronological  order …

See also our second year (September 2012 – August 2013),  our third year (September 2013 – August 2014), fourth year (September 2014 – August 2015), fifth year (September 2015 – August 2016, sixth year (September 2016 – 2017) and our seventh year (September 2017 – 2018)

September 2019

Our paths team maintain Poets’ Walk coastal path on a regular basis, tidying all the seats and the badger bridge, keeping the path properly accessible and enhancing the sea views.

Scrub control on Church Hill – cutting and grubbing brambles to reclaim grassland

Follow-up scrub control in a Church Hill woodland glade and tidying of adjacent paths

Overgrown vegetation cut back to restore the width of the coastal path on Wain’s Hill

Church Hill – cutting overhanging brambles, raking up cut grass and scything

August 2019

Mowing nettles on the lower slope of the Wain’s Hill ramparts to encourage grass cover

Wain’s Hill battery – lopping buddleia and sycamore and ‘weeding’ the parade ground

Hack’s Way mown and vegetation along the allotment fence trimmed back

The steps to the lookout above Marine Lake weeded & swept and the path above widened

Church Hill – the iron cross viewpoint above the zigzag steps is scythed and raked off while encroaching vegetation is trimmed back and nettles pulled along the access path.

Nettles on the lower part of Wain’s Hill ramparts are cut for the second time this summer to encourage the growth of good grassland species and to enhance the area for walkers.

The edges of the promenade above Marine Lake are weeded and swept.

The population of invasive wild radish in grassland on Church Hill has been significantly reduced over the last few years by forking out plants before they set seed.

Due to its toxicity to horses and cattle, insect-friendly ragwort needs to be controlled by  forking out before seeding. Here seen on Church Hill and in St Andrew’s churchyard.

July 2019

Wain’s Hill – part of an old hawthorn has collapsed over the footpath and needs to be removed. The annual ragwort pull starts – on possibly the hottest July day on record.

The 1923 path over Church Hill is mown again, and encroaching bramble shoots cut back.

Encroaching vegetation is cut back to improve access to Church Hill via the zigzag steps.

The upper path to the battery is cleared of nettles; tree shoots are removed from elder & sycamore stumps on the Wain’s Hill ramparts and invasive, toxic ragwort is pulled.

The formal path leading up to Church Hill from beside Salthouse carpark is weeded and swept, and overhanging branches cut back.

Wain’s Hill Battery – weeding, and preparing another wall for building work

Sycamores on the Wain’s Hill lower slope are crown raised to increase sunlight below.

June 2019

The mown areas on Wain’s Hill rampart slope are again attractive to walkers.

The grassland on the Wain’s Hill ramparts is much improved thanks to regular scything since 2012, so the ‘June cut’ this year is limited to the mowing and raking off of nettles.

This path over Church Hill, laid out in 1923, had become lost under grass and scrub until it was reopened by volunteers, who now keep it accessible to walkers by mowing.

Weeding and tidying the badger bridge and the coastal path to maintain good access

By this time of the year, rank vegetation and invasive nettles need cutting and raking off.

The path behind the cemetery allotments is cleared of rank and overgrown vegetation; invasive nettles on the lower section of Wain’s Hill ramparts are brush-cut or scythed.

The old quarry on Church Hill is cleared of nettles and other invasive vegetation.

May 2019

Mowing and tidying the grassy bank near St Andrew’s Church green gate and lych gate

The coastal path looks very beautiful when it’s maintained so well by our volunteers.

Church Hill – After cutting back an overgrown buddleia last winter to create a glade, fresh buddleia suckers and old bramble roots are grubbed out and nettles pulled.

A popular view point seat on Church Hill and nearby formal paths are weeded & swept.

Further progress at Wain’s Hill battery site; preparing for more rebuilding work

Hack’s Way, which leads up to Church Hill from Old Church Road, is mechanically mown.

In honour of the 90th anniversary of Marine Lake the associated paths and nearby flight of stone steps are thoroughly tidied and swept.

Work continues at Wain’s Hill battery site.

April 2019

A wet day at the Wain’s Hill battery site, digging out a tree stump and moving stones

Wain’s Hill – ivy is trimmed back to the fence and the path edge cleared.

An old apple tree on Wain’s Hill is freed from brambles and nettles below it are pulled.

Cutting and grubbing out brambles encroaching into grassland on Wain’s Hill

Church Hill – limiting the spread of bramble into grassland and grubbing wild radish

March 2019

The rock face along the cemetery boundary is cleared of ‘weeds’ and the path edge tidied

Work continues at the gun battery to remove a yew stump, move soil and grub nettles.

Controlling the spread of bramble and invasive wild radish into grassland on Church Hill

February 2019

Tree work in a woodland glade on Church Hill and exposing a signpost to Poets’ Walk

A self-set yew tree has to make way for further rubble clearance at the battery site.

Work continues along the coast path below St Andrew’s Church cemetery.

The badger bridge and nearby grassy bank along the coast path tidied

Two more sycamores and a small hawthorn cleared from Wain’s Hill battery site

A south-facing glade on Church Hill is further enhanced by clearing brambles and remaining buddleia suckers, and thinning out ash saplings to allow in more sunlight.

January 2019

Controlling invasive wild radish on Church Hill by grubbing out by the root

Litter picking and improving access to the Wain’s Hill battery site by removing sycamore saplings and trimming a holly. Cut material is taken away and made into habitat piles.

Work to clear scrub beside St Andrew’s churchyard wall is completed.

Cutting back bramble & ivy on graves and clearing scrub in St Andrew’s churchyard

Seats and coastal path on Wain’s Hill weeded and tidied

More buddleia and brambles are cut back on Church Hill to create fresh wildlife habitat.

December 2018

An old and sprawling buddleia on Church Hill is cut back to rejuvinate it and open up the site. The wild damson arch over the path is raised by removing the lowest branches.

Enhancing the Church Hill quarry site by exposing more of the rock face, and clearing bramble and other scrub re-growth from graves in St Andrew’s churchyard

Cutting back overhanging blackthorn along the path between Church Hill and the churchyard and restoring access to the top of a former nature trail by clearing scrub

November 2018

Enhancing the quarry glade on Church Hill by exposing the rock face

Poets’ Walk path, steps and seats above Marine Lake are tidied and swept.

A hawthorn on the Wain’s Hill battery site is felled, but a yew tree left as a feature

Wain’s Hill ramparts were mown by the contractor Green Mantle this autumn. Arisings need to be raked off the grassland edge and into the woodland to become habitat piles.

the rubble collected at half past seven the next morning


With funding from Clevedon Civic Society the Wain’s Hill battery rubble is  collected by grab lorry at 07:30 the day after barrowing down




Around 14 tons of rubble/hardcore from Wain’s Hill battery is barrowed downhill by volunteers from Clevedon Civic Society & the Friends of Poets’ Walk to await collection.

A  nettle patch is cleared & roughly levelled to await rubble from the battery site

More rubble clearing and new discoveries at the Wain’s Hill battery site

October 2018

The path above Marine Lake swept and tidied along with the stone steps and all the seats

Wain’s Hill battery – a concrete floor is discovered adjoining the wall of the main building

Rubble sorting continues at the Wain’s Hill battery site.

September 2018

The coast path from the lookout above Marine Lake swept and tidied

Church Hill – raking off mown grass. Nettles pulled from a thicket area.

 Late summer mowing on Church Hill to improve grassland quality