Our Sixth Year

See also our second year (September 2012 – August 2013),  our third year (September 2013 – August 2014,) our fourth year (September 2014 – August 2015) and our fifth year (September 2015 – 2016)

September 2017

Enhancing a woodland glade on Church Hill by clearing nettles, brambles & blackthorn

Paths & steps above Marine Lake tidied for the MARLENS Tides Festival 16/17 September

Many interesting plant species have turned up on the Wain’s Hill battery site since it was cleared, including a single plant of thorn apple (Datura stramonium)

August 2017

More nettles and black nightshade cleared from the Wain’s Hill battery site

Church Hill – wild radish control by repeated mowing by scythe, and scrub control in grassland such as cutting out elder and trimming back or grubbing out brambles

The path behind the cemetery allotments is cleared of brambles and other vegetation and access to the Wain’s Hill zigzag woodland path is improved by pulling nettles.

Hand pulling black nightshade and nettles at Wain’s Hill battery, and tidying up rubble

Cutting and grubbing out encroaching brambles etc. on Church Hill

Hack’s Way and grass near St Andrew’s green gate is mechanically mown again.

Ragwort pulling in St Andrew’s Glebe field to control its spread by seed to Poets’ Walk

July 2017

The coast path and seats are tidied regularly.

Wild radish control continues on Church Hill while ragwort is pulled on both hills.

The north-east end of the coastal path tidied and swept and vegetation trimmed back

6th July – The June cut on the Wain’s Hill ramparts is complete, and arisings raked off.

June 2017

Church Hill zigzag path and steps trimmed back, tidied and swept

Raking off the mown grass on the Wain’s Hill rampart slope

The steps and paths above Marine Lake tidied, swept and litter-picked

On a very hot June day the second session of mowing started at 07:00 while cooler.

The June mowing starts on the Wain’s Hill rampart slope.

The formal paths are kept clear of encroaching nettles and Hack’s Way kept accessible.

The Wain’s Hill battery notice replaced and nettles cleared from the surrounding area

The badger bridge and the coast path are thoroughly tidied and swept.

The remaining nettles are pulled at the battery site to facilitate work on the buildings.

May 2017

Nettles cleared to improve access along the path between the Old Church and Salthouse

Follow-up scrub control on Wain’s Hill and improving of access along a woodland path

The 1923 Church Hill path (originally gravelled) is mechanically mown – also Hack’s Way.

removing wild radish

More wild radish is grubbed or forked out of grassland on Church Hill in an ongoing programme to control this invasive species.

The informal path behind the cemetery allotments cleared back to improve access

Clearing nettles at the battery site and erecting an interim notice of on-going work

The green gate bank beside St Andrew’s churchyard wall is weeded and mown

April 2017

The seats, steps and path above Marine Lake weeded and tidied

Controlling invasive wild radish on Church Hill by scything and forking out

Hack’s Way, leading to Church Hill, mown and weeded to improve access

Improving access to the Wain’s Hill zigzag path and enhancing adjacent woodland by removing nettles, an abundance of sycamore seedlings and other invasive species

The seats along the coastal path are kept tidy

The coastal path around Wain’s Hill is thoroughly tidied and swept

Work continues to clear the Wain’s Hill battery site

March 2017

The coastal path around the headland on Wain’s Hill is tidied and swept

Wain’s Hill battery site – weeding and levelling the parade ground and removing rubble

The annual  bramble clearing and tidy-up around the graves in St Andrew’s churchyard

The rock face on the coastal path below the cemetery cleared of brambles and debris

Further clearance of the Wain’s Hill battery parade ground reveals an old rain water drain and a collection of discarded glass bottles and jars. The last tree stump is finally removed.

February 2017

A solitary old apple tree on Wain’s Hill is freed from a web of brambles.

Further enhancing a woodland glade on Church Hill by controlling scrub

Improving the formal path beside St Andrew’s churchyard

Restoring a view opposite a bench on the coastal path

Work continues in clearing soil, debris and nettles from the Wain’s Hill battery site.

January 2017

Wain’s Hill battery site – uncovering the old parade ground

Nettles are pulled or dug out, and brambles cut back along the formal paths.

Clearing soil and accumulated debris from Wain’s Hill battery’s old parade ground

December 2016

Clearing mud and sweeping autumn leaves from the approach to St Andrew’s Church

Church Hill – cutting back encroaching brambles and grubbing out their roots

Cutting back non-native buddleia and felling a non-native Holm oak on Church Hill

November 2016

Enhancing woodland on Church Hill by controlling invasive species and tree thinning

The formal path between Church Hill and St Andrew’s churchyard is improved by removing nettles and shovelling away mud along the edges.

Work continues on the Wains’ Hill battery site

October 2016

Clearing scrub on the site of the old gun battery on Wain’s Hill


Invasive ivy and brambles are cleared from the rock face below St Andrew’s churchyard.

Hack’s Way is kept clear of weeds and overhanging brambles, and the grass is mown.

Scything and subsequent raking up on the Wain’s Hill ramparts

September 2016

Controlling the spread of bramble into Church Hill grassland and cutting out elder

Scything in the mist on a Church Hill slope and raking up later in the sunshine

The path, steps and seats above Marine Lake are tidied before the MARLENS Tides Festival.

The Church Hill zigzag path and other features are kept tidy on a regular basis.

The 15th September marks our 5th anniversary – drinks and cake at the Salthouse Pub!

The badger bridge and seats along the coastal path are regularly tidied.

Restored grassland at the view point above the Church Hill zigzag is scythed and raked.